The Author

A little about little old me…

I have a deep, inherent appreciation for wildlife which, until recently, has been somewhat repressed by the sterile, artificial nature of the (sub)urban environments I’ve learned to call home.

Of course, I always knew I had wild roots—as I suspect many of us probably do—but I was distracted by countless uninspiring and time-consuming features of modern society. In short, there was never much time or space for nature in my life.

But, recently, just one avocado pit has been changing that. Throughout my careful cultivation of this common kitchen scrap I have been experiencing a sense of release; a form of catharsis, perhaps.

Anyway, this has lead to the cultivation of more seeds; some that sprout leaves and others that sprout ideas.

And let me tell you, I have not felt this inspired by the natural world since my baby teeth days when I was rolling around in fields of wild violas and building snail terrariums!

Now I’m back to doing much of the same things, but this time in the urban capital of Canada; Toronto, where the only wildflowers are those that have been planted. But of course, as urban farming seems to become more popular and crafty every day, those “wildflowers” are small miracles. We city dwellers are making due with what we’ve got! (And you might be surprised by how easy it can be).

Currently I am engaged in and intrigued by growing plants from seeds; plant care in general; using plants for food and medicine; taking environmental action by “greening” (sub)urban spaces; and the possibility of fostering strong, healthy communities with plants.

Above all, I am an optimist with a keen desire to learn and—like all seeds—I want to grow.


One response to “The Author

  1. HUGE fan

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog – you truly are an inspiration to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives, and I applaud you for your open mind and naturalistic thinking. I know you must feel better than most of us who feed ourselves with “junk”. Keep up the good work and spirit, VERY proud of you

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