The Vision

This blog was inspired by my recent surge in nutritional awareness, which lead to a passionate interest in gardening. All of a sudden, I had the urge to grow my own food and be surrounded by healthy plants that were cultivated and nurtured by me. Since then, I have also felt a longing to connect with other health and plant “nuts” (both the wise and the naive) in order to learn, share and inspire.

Thus Growing Wild CEEDS is born. (CEEDS standing for “Creative Environmental Enthusiasm in Do-it-yourself Spirit).

I envision Growing Wild CEEDS to be a place where all genera of people will congregate and conspire to plant seeds and exercise their imaginations. Any DIY gardener knows that it takes creativity to grow a beautiful bounty on a budget and that stream of creative juices doesn’t have to stop there. As an example, all of the photos and images on this blog will be samples of my art (unless otherwise indicated) as I explore photography, printing and mixed media alongside gardening.

Writing is another passion of mine, so almost all of the text on this blog will be researched, written and edited by me. Finally, a chance to put that journalism degree to good use! And my reason for indicating that almost all of the text will be my words is that I want to give you (readers, gardeners, freaks of nature, etc.) the opportunity to have a voice! Your DIY projects, plant care tips, creative container ideas and urban farm photos are more than welcome here. And of course, full credit will be given as we form a community in which everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

The Mission:

“Growing Wild CEEDS” aims to cultivate the growth of individuals and communities through the cultivation and use of plants.

Empowering everyday environmental enthusiasts (like me) with information and ideas that inspire action towards a healthier lifestyle and planet.

It is a place for sharing knowledge and creativity; building skills and relationships; establishing a connection between our food, our health and our environment; and simply re-discovering that childhood fascination with playing in dirt!

Because life isn’t all about growing up, it’s about growing wild!


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